Newbould Inquiry

Inquiry Committee regarding the Honourable Frank J. C. Newbould

Information regarding the Inquiry Committee and related procedures

2017-06-01 Report of the Inquiry Committee to the Canadian Judicial Council
2017-05-29 Notice of Allegations
2017-05-19 Federal Court of Appeal Decision
2017-03-31 Notice of Appeal to the Federal Court
2017-03-29 Federal Court Order
2017-03-13Letter in response to CSCJA
2017-03-08Letter from CSCJA
2017-03-13Letter in response to Mr Gover
2017-03-08Letter from Mr Gover
2017-03-01Letter in response to IBA
2017-02-28Letter from IBA
2017-02-15Notice of Application
2017-02-08Decision of the Review Panel