20090001 The Canadian Judicial Council received complaints about one of its members following media reports which highlighted the judge’s comments about the weight and relevance given to the testimony of a woman
20090002 A complainant wrote to the Canadian Judicial Council to express concern about a judge’s inappropriate tone of voice and body language, suggesting the judge came to court angry and acted unprofessionally towards her
20090003 In a family law matter, a complainant was critical of proceduralerrors and suggested that the judge erred in his decision and should be held accountable for his actions.
20090004 Another complainant in an emotionally-charged custody battle alleged that the judge was “negligent, reckless and biased” and the complainant was generally not satisfied with the judge’s comments throughout the case
20090005 A self-represented litigant wrote to the Canadian Judicial Council to raise several issues, including, in part: that she was not permitted to address the court in the language of her choice; that the judge used overly forceful and abrupt language when speaking to her; and that the judge misused the Court’s contempt powers in response to the complainant’s request to be heard in French.
20090006 Another complaint centred on the claim that a litigant was denied by a Québec judge his fundamental right as protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to a fair hearing because the judge and opposing counsel discussed procedural matters between them in French, despite the complainant’s preferred choice of English
20090007 A complainant raised a concern about the judge not releasing her decision in a timely manner
20090008 The Canadian Judicial Council receives, on occasion, complaints that judges may be in a position of conflict of interest because of a previous professional relationship with a given law firm
20090009 A complainant expressed concern about the testimony of a judge at the trial of a lawsuit he was pursuing and alleged that the judge “lied under oath.”
20090010 In a letter of complaint, an individual alleged that by not having the related documentation before him, the judge was not adequately prepared for a Case Conference and that the Case Conference consequently took longer than expected which resulted in undue stress on the complainant