Webid Summary
20020001 A complainant represented in family law proceedings concerning custody and access alleged the judge was biased against him because he was dark skinned, Muslim and a man
20020002 A complainant alleged that the judge’s speech to a bar association revealed a social agenda and a gender bias in favour of women
20020003 The complainant represented himself in a tax appeal, alleging the judge was a racist and that he based his decision that the mother was the “eligible individual” for purposes of the child tax benefit on the fact that she was a Christian
20020004 The complainant disagreed with the judge’s decision in a custody and access case which involved her fiancé, alleging the judge was “pro-mom”
20020005 The complainant had entered into an agreement with her former husband to have his rights to a judgment assigned to her
20020006 The Chinese Canadian National Council (CCNC) alleged that Mr. Justice James MacPherson of the Ontario Court of Appeal made inappropriate comments to counsel during the course of argument on an appeal
20020007 Complainants represented by counsel at the trial of their action against an oil company and others wondered whether the judge should have presided over their case because of his “prior involvement with [the oil] and environmental companies”
20020008 The complainant, convicted of tax shelter fraud, alleged that in dismissing his appeal the three judges of a Court of Appeal had "exceeded the limits of the law by splitting the appeal in the joint trial of two co-accused without taking into account the fact that the inter-relation of new evidence to be submitted to a new judge of fact, properly instructed
20020009 The complainant, a member of an advocacy group, filed a complaint on behalf of the father regarding a trial concerning custody and access, alleging that the judge was in a conflict of interest because he knew that the mother was being advised by his former law partner
20020010 The complainant, whose application to have a judgment set aside was dismissed, alleged that the judge "made a judgment that is an insult to intelligence", and that there had been a denial of justice
20020011 Two complainants complained about Madam Justice Southin of the British Columbia Court of Appeal in response to media reports that she smoked in her office and accepted changes to her chambers to accommodate a ventilation system
20020012 The complainant and her husband were represented in family law proceedings and a fraudulent conveyance action
20020013 The complainant alleged that the judge had taken too long to render judgment: he said he would give his decision in the week following the hearing, despite the fact that her counsel had "emphasized that her state of health was serious"
20020014 A party in a family law matter complained that the judge’s decision had still not been released some 16 months after the trial
20020015 Representatives of five Aboriginal groups lodged 10 specific complaints alleging derogatory comments about Aboriginal culture by Mr. Justice F. G. Barakett of the Superior Court of Quebec in a custody case
20020016 Quebec lawyer Gilles Doré complained about the attitude, conduct and behaviour toward himself of Mr. Justice Jean-Guy Boilard of the Quebec Superior Court, alleging that he was incapable of performing the role of judge
20020017 The complainant alleged that the judge constantly fell asleep during his civil case, in which he was the plaintiff and which had taken seven years to get to trial